In use investigation

In use investigation

From single territory trade mark in use investigations through to global clearance projects, we determine the status of registered or unregistered trade marks. We aim to give you the detailed information you need, whether you wish to apply to have the trade mark revoked, invalidated or oppose its use, or decide whether to apply to register your own mark.

We offer 2 levels of in use investigation. Our R-checkTM service provides a Rapid-check to determine quickly whether a particular mark is in use or not. It is ideal when there are a number of marks to clear within a short timescale and cost-effective manner. Our full in use investigation is an extensive research and investigation report with owner and independent third-party source contact to confirm or refute use of the mark.

(1) R–check service

Our R-check service quickly determines if a mark is or is not in use: this is ideal when there are several marks to clear quickly and cost-effectively. R-check works especially well when it comes to international trade mark clearance projects.

(2) Full in use investigation

Extensive research and investigation, including contact with owners and independent third parties, to confirm or refute use of the mark.


If a registered trade mark is yet to be vulnerable for revocation for non-use, then eccora can negotiate and seek to acquire the trade mark discreetly and anonymously.

Facilities for third party filings?

In addition to IP acquisition, we also offer clients facilities for the strategic third party filing of trade marks, to avoid competitors or trade mark hijacking. Learn more here.

Pricing & turnaround

Generally we aim to provide our trade mark in use investigations on a fixed-fee basis and report within a 5-working day timescale. However, we offer a tailored service and understand the need for both flexibility and urgency, when required.

We aim to work closely with our clients and provide a service that meets their needs.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.